New! DKNY #MYNY - An Urban Inspired NYC Fragrance

Introducing DKNY MYNYAn urban inspired NYC Fragrance.
New York.
The city we love.
The city whose heart beats faster and louder than any other,
Pulsing with possibility and passion.
The city that is as varied as the people who keep it alive,
And as individual and inclusive as you want it to be.
It’s where people come to discover and realize all that we can be.
They come to dream, to live,
To express themselves without reserve.
Now comes a fragrance that could only be New York.The Fragrance: A MODERN, URBAN SPIRIT

Make Up For Ever Why Brushes, Not Fingers Workshop

How do you apply makeup? Using fingers or brushes? For me I would definitely go for brushes because I am a brush addict. Last month, I was more convincing of the benefits of using a brush after attended the Make Up For Ever Why Brushes, Not Fingers Workshop held at Make Up For Ever Pro Boutique at Level 2, Sephora Starhill.
Can I have this at home please...
Make Up For Ever has introduced 75 signature designed, premium craftsmanship brushes recently. They are exclusively hand-made by highly qualified specialists, every single brush of the Make Up For Ever Brush Collection requires 25 different productions steps, involving 30 people in each hand-crafted manufacturing process.
‘As a make-up brand designed for professionals and enthusiasts of the arts, Make Up For Ever has created a brush revolution with their new collection of 75 make-up brushes. This collection is both practical yet creative, and I am confident that it will meet all the needs and desires of both make-up artists and women from all over the world.

Perfect Protection Against Harmful UVA And UVB Rays with L’Oréal Paris UV Perfect Aqua Essence

With its wide range of UV protectors, the L’Oréal Paris UV Perfect franchise is ideal for complete daily protection. Not only do these UV protectors shield skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, each one is specially formulated to do more, whether it is to correct your existing skin tone, provide results similar to a BB cream, or leave skin in a freshness that’s sensationally delightful for a complexion that is fairer and perfectly unified.
Its latest formula takes on the role of a hydrator as well as protector against photo ageing caused by the sun. The first watery essence from L’Oréal Paris, UV Perfect Aqua Essence SPF30 PA+++, melts on skin, leaving behind a light, refreshing effect with a breakthrough watery texture. Plus, its advanced formula containing vitamin E helps shield skin against harmful UV rays, protecting skin from photo ageing.
L’Oréal Paris UV Perfect Aqua Essence Ingredients

UV Perfect Aqua Essence quickly absorbs into skin, thanks to its ultra-light unique cream that breaks instantly into water. This helps provide a sense of comfort for your skin when exposed to heat and humidity under UV rays, which would normally leave skin feeling sticky and looking shiny.
This first-ever* watery essence UV protector is also a complete daily protector against harmful UV rays with its SPF30/PA+++ formula. Thanks to its active ingredients including vitamin E, it also helps protect skin from photo ageing, preventing premature signs of ageing.

Review: Deep Red facial at The Sloane Clinic™

On my second visit to The Sloane Clinic™ Bangsar, I was consulted by Dr Wong Jinly. She examined my skin and advises me to try the Deep Red facial to resolve my open pores, breakouts and sensitive combination skin concerns.
Deep Red is The Sloane Clinic’s most coveted deeply rejuvenating facial. It uses The Sloane Clinic’s trademark 5-step cell enhancement process to regenerate our skin dramatically and to improve skin healing effectively. 

Deep Red facial treatment started with gentle Microdermabrasion Scrub for dissolving away dead cells and stimulation of lymphatic flow.
It follows by Deep Sonic Cleansing that uses advanced ultrasound to achieve total skin clarity without needed the painful extractions. The Beautician placed two cottons into my ears to prevent and reduce the sound waves of the device.  My blackheads and whiteheads purged from my face efficiently with this step.

My skin is then well-prepped to absorb the maximum goodness of vitamin C, antioxidants and hydrators penetrate by the sonic wave action as well.

Review: CoolSculpting at The Sloane Clinic™

Sarah and I were honored to be invited to The Sloane Clinic™ at Jalan Maarof, Bangsar for CoolSculpting workshop few months ago. Hundreds of thousands of people undergo liposuction each year, but we could now remove fat without surgery by a relatively new treatment called "CoolSculpting".
It was my first time visit The Sloane Clinic™, I like it’s cosy and quiet environment of a lot. It is strategically located at Jalan Maarof, Bangsar.
As one of the leading aesthetic clinics in Singapore and Malaysia, The Sloane Clinic™ aims to empower change in everyone they meet. Be it defying the signs of ageing or enhancing your beauty potential, The Sloane Clinic™ can provide effective solutions with its comprehensive armamentarium of beauty innovations and wide range of exclusive cosmeceuticals.
Dr. Kee Yong Seng welcomed the media and guests before starting his explanation on CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is a cutting-edge, non-invasive body shaping treatment that effectively reduces fat in areas of the body. The completely no-downtime fat reduction procedure is accomplished by the scientific principle of “Cryolipolysis”.