Terrific Teriyaki Treats and Take It Home Feast at Kenny Roger's ROASTERS

Crave for a gastronomic grilling experience but do not have a griller at home? Fret not as the family favourite, Kenny Rogers ROASTERS introduces the latest range of grilled dishes, the Terrific Teriyaki Treat!
Marinated with the special teriyaki sauce with herbs and spices, you can opt for a chicken steak that is grilled to perfection or indulge in the delicious and savoury chicken whole leg, complemented with various side dishes of your choice!
The T-Wrapped Chicken meal includes a serving of aromatic rice, a bowl of mushroom chicken soup and topped-off with a Kenny's homemade muffin, is prices at RM 18.50
For rice lovers, the T-Chic rice features sliced and grilled teriyaki chicken breast served with aromatic rice and mushroom chicken soup; while the T-Chic steak comes with a grilled chicken breast along with a choice of 3 sides - specially catered to those on a protein diet. There is also a 'lite' option for this meal, with a choice of 2 dies instead. For the mor ehealth--concious, the T-Chic salad features sliced teriyaki steak on a bed of salad, served with Mushroom chicken soup. Priced from RM 12.90 onwards, these hearty meals are sure to satisfy the cravings of chicken-lovers everywhere.

‘A Rustic Woodland Christmas – Love & Joy’ at 1 Utama Shopping Centre

It’s my most anticipated month of the year – December! Well, in fact it is the most joyous month for many of us, because it’s the Christmas celebration month. This year, 1 Utama Shopping Centre was set up with the ‘A Rustic Woodland Christmas – Love & Joy’ theme. 
1 Utama Shopping Centre, the World’s 4th largest mall bringing the outdoors in, shoppers get to escape to whimsical woodland forest where they will meet chubby polar bears, squinty-eyed foxes, squirrels, owls, raccoons, penguins and many other beloved characters for photo opportunities from 28th Nov to 28th Dec 2014.
Speech by Tan Sri Dato' Teo Chiang Kok, Director of 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Not only that, Santa has prepared many wonderful rewards for 1 Utama shoppers on his list. Gifts like ONECARD vouchers, Body Shop gift set, and many more complimentary items await. Not to mention the many Christmas sales offering truly massive discounts centre-wide.
Shoppers could also get up close and personal with the cast and enjoy exciting shows and special programmes like marching bands, choirs singing your favourite carols, and well-choreographed dances lined up for you this season! Surrounded by holiday cheer, these musical experiences will be nothing short of memorable.

HiShop Review: Fairy Beauty Life Food

Fairy Beauty LifeFood is an innovative function food formula that developed based on the concept of good health and good nutrients. The powerful nutrients combination gears body nutrients absorption and stimulates repair and regeneration of malfunctioned cells. This compact formula composes rich nutrients that could quench your daily nutrient need; to fuel up as well as empower our body system.
Consume LifeFood routinely is beneficial to our immune system, body functions, and promote body prevention against diseases and infections. Make LifeFood your daily meal. It performs a good efficacy in weight management as well as improvement of cholesterol level with adequate nutrition.
How to consume?

Add two tablespoons of Fairy Beauty LifeFood into 250ml warm water, stir well.
It is advisable to take this supplement before any meal in the morning. I took it before I go to the office everyday. Fairy Beauty LifeFood dissolve easily in warm water, it is easy to prepare and convenient for working ladies like me. I like it’s berries taste a lot. I don’t feel hungry until lunch time with a cup of Fairy Beauty LifeFood every morning. My weight has reduce around a kilos after consuming a jar of Fairy Beauty LifeFood.

HiShop Review: Fairy Beauty Clenz

I received a huge parcel from HiShop last month which contains some Fairy Beauty products. I was very eager to try out the Fairy Beauty products because I always have constipation issue recently.
The first product that I tried was the Fairy Beauty Clenz. It is the Special Awards winner of the Beauty Supplements category in Cite Cosme Beauty Awards 2012/2013 organized by Beauty, Mina and ViVi magazines.
Fairy Beauty Clenz is manufactured using 100% pure natural organic nano plant essence which is extremely easy for the body to absorb.
Our body produces toxins through its daily functions which need to be eliminated. When these toxins are not eliminated, this will cause auto-intoxication: An increased growth in bacteria which ferments undigested food residues, turning them into compounds to re-absorbed in the body organs, liver and kidney.

Wacoal Malaysia Unveils Latest Salute Lingerie in Boho Style

Injecting a touch of originality and flair to innerwear, Wacoal Malaysia unveiled the latest collection of its exquisite Salute lingerie line at a party held at Parkson Pavilion Kuala Lumpur early Nov 2014.
By invitation to escape the everyday humdrum, guests and “loyalists” of Salute were whisked away to an exotic setting where the aesthetic ensembles of the evening were presented in a boho-chic style.
From the patchwork-liked pattern to the portrayal of wild blossoms in peppy hues, the new Salute collection allows creativity and individuality to flourish effortlessly. The unrestrained, exuberantly embroidered punchy surface detailing is a slight departure from Salute’s usual sheer femininity. Poetic and unconventional motifs resonate with that of the free spirit or bohemian; illustrating Wacoal’s decades of artistry in producing impeccably-tailored lingerie.