GUESSKids Launches Fall 2014 Collection

Hello, how’s your weekend thus far? I’ve just reached home from my Melvita X Wai Yee aka Rane readers’ event and I can’t wait to share with you the season’s most anticipated, western inspired styles from the GUESSKids Fall 2014 collection.
My girls and I am GUESSKids fans. So when I received the extended invitation from The Butterfly Project to GUESSKids Fall 2014 Collection launch, I quickly RSVP for us. We woke up early last Saturday to attend the event at GUESSKids KLCC store.
Jia Rye was wearing GUESSKids previous collection on that day.
GUESSKids KLCC store is spacious, and it was packed with celebrities, media, and bloggers that morning. Most of us brought our kids along to pick their favorites outfits.
Haha managed to capture the sexy back of Malaysia Top Model - Amber Chia
How about some Cowboy chips? ^ ^
To help us understand more about GUESSKids and it’s Fall 2014 collection, GUESS senior divisional manager, Rachel Lim explained to us at the beginning of the event.
From a glance at the store, you would see bold prints and brightly colored clothing for the kids. There is indeed wide selection of top-notch quality and stylish kids clothing in GUESSKids. They cater from newborn up to 14 years old, so your kids could wear their stylish clothing from born to teenage.

Dr. Jart+ Bring Back Bounce & V7 Radiance Serum

If you have been following Korean skin care trend, Dr. Jart+ would be a familiar brand to you as it is one of the leader brand in BB industry.
Dr. Jart+ Kiosk at Sunway Pyramid
This year, Dr. Jart+ launched a new generation of BB – Dr. Jart+ Bring Back Bounce. Unlike any BB cream, Dr. Jart+ Bring Back Bounce has a unique bouncing-textured beauty balm formula. It looks thick but it is indeed light and adhesive to my skin for a whole day.
Dr. Jart+ Bring Back Bounce has this innovative formula with moisture and elasticity makes fatigued skin moisturizes, vibrant and bouncy immediately.
Spreadability without smudging.
Dr. Jart+ Bring Back Bounce is rich in moisturizing and brightening properties. It provides a very good yet natural coverage. My skin look firmer and flawless after applying it. 

Mao Yan Mei (MYM) Tea

One of my favorite beverage is Chinese Tea. I’ve been drinking Chinese tea since I was teenager, and recently I’ve tried a new tea - the Mao Yan Mei(MYM) tea.
Mao Yan Mei is one of the world’s rarest edible plants because it grows at 1,500 meters above the sea level around the precipitous cliffs and crags embraced by clouds and mist. As MYM has the highest concentrations of highly active flavonoids compounds among all wild plants and contains 17 amino acids including methionine, leucine and glutamic acid as well as 14 trace elements such as calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and others, it is commonly known as the “Godly Tea” or “folk magical tea” in China.
With the certification from Hunan Provincial Government (State Ministry of Health in China), MYM tea is proven that it has unique and multiple healing and medicinal efficacy and versatile usefulness. It does not bring any negative side effects and is suitable to be consumed by everyone from all ages.
MYM tea is able to prevent and cure illnesses such as the “Three Highs Disease” (meaning high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugar), cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, insomnia, asthma and liver disease.

Manage Your Diabetes with Glucerna® Challenge Me #ChallengeMeMY

Happy Malaysia Day to my Malaysian readers & friends! Today I wanna share some information about Diabetics and health which I’ve learnt from Glucerna® workshop last month. Thanks to The Butterfly Project for the invitation.
The workshop was held at Culinary 19, Damansara Heights. I like the venue because it's bright and spacious. Only thing is the car park is a bit troublesome. For those who reached early and parked inside, we had to wait for the late comers to drive away their cars before we could leave. :/

Malaysia is currently home to 2.6 million diabetics recently. And by 2020, this figure is expected to be 4.5 million! Such an alerting figures isn’t it?
We were welcome by the Emcee - Mr. Issac
I believe awareness and precautious are very important when it comes to our health. It is crucial for us to be aware that our daily diet has an important impact on Diabetes issues and how having healthy meal plans helps as part of the overall management plan.

The appropriate type of dietary supplement can also help both in terms of preventive measures and the effective management of diabetes.
Dr Shaalani Ramachandran shared with us the information on Diabetes 

I’ve seen my uncles and aunties suffered from complications of Diabetes over the years. Most of them had eye complications, and even lost their eyes due to diabetes. Not only that, some of them had their leg cut due to non-traumatic lowed limb amputations. It was sad to see them so suffer. In order to prevent/treat Diabetes, proper Nutrition is important. Eating right and exercising can have an impact on the health of people with diabetes.
Chef Suraiya from Culinary 19 showed us how to make Hokkaido cakes using Glucerna® 
Could you guess the activities for the day....? Scroll down to see the answer. ;)

Created by Abbott Nutrition , Glucerna® provides a unique system of ingredients to help patients manage their blood glucose levels, weight and cholesterol. It can help reduce weight when used as part of an overall diabetes management plan.
Abbott Nutrition Malaysia recently launched the “Glucerna® Challenge Me programme”, accessible via online portal and mobile application, that seeks to educate diabetics on the means to improve their quality of life by provision of useful nutrition and lifestyle pointers.
Vitals such as blood glucose and cholesterol levels can also be tracked, and all these features are optimized by the programme to create a customized lifestyle plans in the best interests of Malaysian diabetics.

The Evolution of LEVI’S® Icons for Fall 2014

Made first by the Levi’s® brand and tested by generations, the Levi’s® Icons—the 501® Jean, Western Shirt and Trucker Jacket—continue to define the modern dress code. From presidents to movie stars, farmers to fashion icons, entrepreneurs to the every man, the cultural significance of Levi’s® Icons has been defined by the people who wear them. A symbol of individuality and universality, Levi’s® Icons are the ultimate expression of personal style, worn by the pioneers who shape our world, generation after generation. 
Every season, Levi’s® takes their signature pieces and reimagine them, their mind wide open to innovation, craft, sustainability and the times we live in. Honoring the spirit, attention to detail and craftsmanship of the much-loved original, Levi’s® transform, take risks and evolve—like all good things must.  

Deemed Time Magazine’s “Fashion Item of the 20th Century,” the original Levi’s® 501® button fly jean is an American icon that has been woven and stitched deeply into our world’s cultural heritage. Built for workers in the American West, the Levi's® 501® jean became the standard to which all other work wear would be held against. With patented copper rivets used to strengthen pockets and seams, the 501® jean created a whole new category of clothing—the blue jean—and nothing would be the same again. Invented in 1873, it’s still the definitive classic. The evolution of today’s 501® jean has been driven by a commitment to craftsmanship and quality.  There isn’t a stitch on the jean that hasn’t been reconstructed and improved to enhance this timeless product, while staying true to its essential core. 
Fall 2014 Men’s 501®
Designed with uncompromised authenticity and tailored to perfection, the 501® jean has subtly evolved through the years— improving with age to provide every generation with the jean they need. For the Fall 2014 collection—inspired by California's Venice Beach and Yosemite Valley—a new range of authentic, light to dark washes emerge, alongside custom-inspired 501® jeans, which pay homage to denim longevity and love, the pieces we wear and wear out, patch and sew up. The standout Customized pieces feature shredded finishing and repair zones patched up with off-color denim and military twill. Price ranges between RM299 to RM699.