Laura Mercier Paint Wash Liquid Lip Colour + Swatches

Liquid Lipstick is one of the must have beauty item in year 2015. It is taking over the beauty industry as it is quickly becoming the go-to product for lip color. My current most favourite Liquid Lipstick - Laura Mercier Paint Wash Liquid Lip Colour was launched in Apr 2015. It is famous for its intense, creamy and Colour-full liquid lip. It gives a fresh coat of liquid demi-matte colour with every stroke.
Let your inner artist take over with this spectrum of purely intense aerated colour. Rich, cushiony, colourfast shades float on lips and stay the day. Plunge in and let it wash over you.
It only requires extreme effortless glide on application with its paddle brush. Just one color stroke application of Laura Mercier Paint Wash Liquid Lip Colour will gives you a full coverage, demi-matte finish. It has ultra-thin, weightless and non-sticky texture is perfect for any occasion. The beautiful color will last for all day without drying our lips. Most importantly is it is Paraben Free, Fragrance Free, D5 Free and Alcohol Free.
Laura’s Technique: Use the tip to line and define lips and the flat side of the multi-functional paddle brush for full colour coverage.
Available in 9 beautiful shades;
Vermillion Red
Golden Peach
Fuchsia Mauve
Orchid Pink
Red Brick
Petal Pink
Nude Rose
Coral Reef

Eau Thermale Avene Workshop on How to Regain Healthy Skin

Eau Thermale Avene Workshop on How to Regain Healthy Skin was held last month at Boulevard Hotel, Mid Valley. 
The France Doctor has shown us the Avene Dermatological Hydrotherapy Centre’s treatments and procedures including baths, jet-spray massage, pencil-thin jet showers and wrapping. Daily consumption of Avene Thermal Spring Water is also part of the treatment programme and can be completed with hydroheliotherapy treatment which combines the beneficial effects of abundant sunshine with those of Avene Thermal Spring Water.
Besides, we have also learnt about the innovative packaging of the New Avene Tolerance Extreme Cream that is remains sterile throughout usage. This cream provides in-depth hydration with Avene Thermal Spring Water that sooth our skin in complete safety.
It was an informative workshop, especially for me whom daughter is suffering from eczema. Now I know that eczema can be serious and it is always important to protect the skin from eczema reoccurring again.

Penang Food Promotion at Zende Restaurant Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Penang cuisine requires no introduction in the arena of gastronomy and it is one of the most
loved foods by Malaysians as well as internationals. Whether it’s exotic local street food or the elegance of fine dining, Penang seems to have it all.
Reputed as being the "food paradise" in the region, Penang has one of the most diverse food fare in Malaysia and at times, with the influences from the Indian, Malay, Chinese and Thai cuisine, it becomes unique to the island itself.
In an effort to promote local cuisines to guests from all over the country and even beyond the Malaysian shores, Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur will showcase Penang’s offerings at its Zende Restaurant from 18 May 2015 until 29 May 2015.Supported by the Ministry of Tourism & Culture as well as Tourism Malaysia Pulau Pinang, Jabatan Kesenian & Kebudayaan Negara, Pulau Pinang, Perbadanan Kraftangan Malaysia, Pulau Pinang and Penang Chef Association, guests of the hotel will get to experience one of Malaysia’s most amazing array of cultural and culinary classics through this showcase of fine delicacies from the famed historic state.
The 10-day culinary journey of Penang was launched by Yang Berbahagia Datuk Rashidi
Hasbullah, Deputy Secretary General, Ministry of Tourism & Culture Malaysia. Also present to grace the event were Mr Jonathan Freddy P Bagang - Director of Ministry of Tourism & Culture Malaysia, Pulau Pinang, Encik Harun Pilus - Director of Tourism Malaysia Pulau Pinang, Encik Mohamad Halim Merican – General Manager of the Hotel, Encik Zakariya Musa – Director of Sales and Marketing and Head of various departments.
To ensure the authenticity of this promotion, the Penang Chefs Association of Malaysia has
appointed two (2) chefs from Penang to assist in the food preparation. Chef Johari Ishak and Chef Mohamad Radhi Rosli will work closely with the hotel’s kitchen team, focusing on serving authentic Penang favourites to all guests.
Amongst items on the buffet line-up that guests can expect, are favourites such asTelur Ikan
Goreng, Bergedil Daging and Ubi Pak Sudi, Kambing Kashmir, Ketam Masak Jintan, Sambal Udang Berseri, Mamak Sotong Berendam Masak Cili Pedas, Kari Kepala Ikan Merah with Bendi, Sotong Kangkong, Ekor Lembu Masak Merah, Ikan Pari Asam Pedas, Kofta Kambing, Penang Curry Mee, Ayam Masak Kapitan, Kambing Massala Parsi,Penang Hokkien Prawn Mee, Mee Rebus Mamak, Pasembor Pulau Pinang and many more. 
The dessert counter is filled to the brim with sweets such as Pengat Pisang Mas, Kuih Sago,
Bubur Cha-cha, Bubur Kacang Hijau, Puding Mangga, Bubur Pulut Hitam, Bubur Sago and
Ubi, Popiah Kong Te’ng.

The “Proudly Penang” Promotion is served during lunch and dinner (12.30pm to 3.00pm and 6.30pm to 10.30pm), Mondays to Fridays. The buffet is priced at RM79.00 nett per person. Price is inclusive of 10% Service Charge and 6% Government Service Tax (GST).

Ain't No Any Party Like The Bloggers Poolside BBQ Party

It has been ages I have not attended any BBQ party, I kinda miss it. Not only because BBQ is so yummilicious but it is so fun and it is also one of the best way to spend some quality time with friends and family! Thanks to Sidney from Big Boys Oven, my family and I had a chance to attend a Bloggers Poolside BBQ Party last Sunday evening at Opal Damansara Condominiun, Kota Damansara. It was a breezy evening after a shower in the noon that day.
We had enjoyed delectable BBQ spread sponsored by Bakarlah and GST food. The meats are juicy and the prawns are fresh and big. They are so tasty and we couldn’t have enough of them.
The kids love the NY Steak Shack shack brown sauce meatball spaghetti and Pepsi Cola. They also love the delicious cakes sponsored by Eastin Hotel.

A party is not only about food, Sidney had also arranged a series of activities for us. First and foremost, my girls had enjoyed making their own customized necklace conducted by EJS Jewelery & Kelvin Gems. The colorful beads and charms are definitely attractive to a girl and even women like me.
Then we have enjoyed the beautiful and artistic Body painting by Fennie. Fennie is an experienced Art instructor who is located in Klang, thanks to her for coming all the way to support the event. She had transformed the kids and adults to beautiful ladies that day.
Last but not least was the most anticipated activities by all attendees; we had our own Portrait shooting by renowned photographer Zung. He had captured our real moment in Black and White and ‘Twilight’ theme. I am yet to get my pictures but I’d share once I get it yeah.

Melvita Nectar Bright Brightening Concentrate that Correct & Prevent the Appearance of Dark Spots

Launched in year 2013, Melvita Nectar Bright range is expanding to cater the brightening needs of all of our skin area. From the initial 4 products (Read more details on it at my previous blogpost) to the eye contour serum last year (Read more details on it at my previous blog post), this May they have launched the latest product - Melvita Nectar Bright Brightening Concentrate, a targeted action serum that combines the properties of 5 white flowers complex, together with a brown algae Ascophyllum Nodosum extract, to CORRECT existing dark spots, PREVENT future appearance of dark spots and PROTECT the skin against endogenous and exogenous stress. Some of the flowers only bloom when sheltered from the sun’s rays. Others close their petals the minute they feel the patter of raindrops… Together, these five white flowers form a complex with brightening properties.


       Very resistant, hardy perennial flower
       It closes its petals at night and during storms, to protect them from the rain
       It symbolizes purity and softness
       Bellis is gathered on the wild slopes of the Macedonian mountains (central Europe)
       Flower whose charm is eternal, the flower of self-love
       It is a perennial plant that grows from a bulb
       Melvita uses an active ingredient extracted from the dormant bulb (when its cellular production system goes "to sleep")
White Lupin:
       Flourishes in shaded pastures and on grassy slopes
       Rich in protein, sugars, oligosaccharides and glutamine peptides
       Small-grown, frost-hardy, evergreen shrub from the Northeast-American woods
       Only 15cm tall, its leaves are elliptical, radiant green and measure 2.5cm
       This perennial herbaceous plant is probably the oldest cultivated species
       Its rigid stem grows from a bulb to a height of just over a meter
       Its long leaves are pale green in color
       From May to July it produces beautiful white, trumpet-shaped, very fragrant flowers with yellow stamens
On top of the 5 white flowers complex with brightening properties, the new Brightening Concentrate formula contains a new extract in order to truly target dark spots.
This extract is obtained from the brown alga Ascophyllum Nodosum and it acts at 4 levels of skin pigmentation, for whitening and brightening effect:
ü  Slowdown of melanin synthesis, through the inhibition of the tyrosinase enzyme.
ü  Inhibition of melanin pigmentation, through an anti-free radical action that decreases oxidation reaction.
ü  Increase of melanin elimination, through the stimulation of cell renewal
ü  Stimulation of natural skin exfoliation for an even-toned and brighter complexion.
The Melvita Brightening Concentrate brings together a complex of 5 white flowers* with illuminating properties and a brown alga extract with brightening properties, for complete corrective action on uneven skin tone.
Usage Instructions: Every morning and evening, after applying essence and before your moisturizer, put on a few drops of Brightening Concentrate using the dropper applicator. Focus on areas of uneven skin tone.
Enhance the efficacy of the new Nectar Bright skin-brightening formulas when you use them together with Melvita Nectar Bright skincare products and achieve skin that is evenly-toned, luminous and radiant, the ORGANIC way!
Verdict - Like the rest of Nectar Bright range, Nectar Bright Brightening Concentrate has lovely flowery scent. It is easy to get the correct amount using the dropper. The light translucent gel texture is absorbed quickly into my skin without any greasiness. The formula is mild and I don’t have any breakouts or peeling reaction using it. After 1.5 month of use, my skin complexion looks more even and luminous, naturally.
Nectar Bright Brightening Concentrate 30ml is retail at RM 230.

Melvita Nectar Bright full range includes:


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